Monday, November 17

Christmas 2007


We started a wonderful Halloween tradition with Jonathans Mom. Bartlesville has a trunk or treat at a local church. It's an amazing event that is very well put together and best of all.... is within walking distance of Lynne and Pauls home. Bella had a blast and it was fun watching Lynne get to share a trick or treat experience with her. Then we we got back, we all enjoyed Lynne's yummy potato soup.

Mommy, Daddy, & Bella

Daddy & Bella

Jonathan, Bella, and Gramma Lynne

Happy Halloween 2007

Bella and Dawson were Pebbles and Bam Bam from the Flinestones. Bella even allowed us to spray her hair red (two different times)!

Beautiful Miss Abbi!

Hello Pebbles

Another Trip to Troy- October 2007

Daddy & Bella

Bella & Uncle Kenny

Bella with the Frog!

...and the baby frogs too!

You Are My Sunshine 2007

FUN IN TROY-August 2007

Bella went through a sunglasses stage----it lasted a little over a year. These particular sunglasses she calls her stunner shades (I wonder who taught her that)

We got to meet baby Cohen. He is aboslutely adorable.

Relay for Life, Troy-2007

You can see Grandma Harke in the middle

Bella was so excited to watch the skydivers. She got a little worried as they were coming towards us. She thought they were going to land on us.

Rachel, Bella, Grandma Harke

Jonathan & Bella

Bella Sings her ABCs-2007

Dawson's 2nd Birthday!


Mom & Laura hosted a bridal shower for Jessica Parker Jackson at moms house. We had a lot of fun planning and decorating. Jess just wanted a low key shower, but I think that it was still an enjoyable time for all.

Easter 2007

It's Easter and we decided to have a Easter-Eve celebration at my house and decorate cookies. Bella and Dawson were very energetic and fun! The next day we celebrated at my moms and enjoyed a yummy meal and easter egg hunt.

Monday, April 9

About a Gazillion Bubbles


Bella, Nate, and Dawson played with Bella's new bubble machine. They had so much fun, until it stopped blowing bubbles... uh oh. They were only calmed after being distracted by flashlights. Even more fun!!!!